June 11, 2014

Good morning, Everyone! How is your week going so far? I am definitely having a boyfriend jeans kinda moment lately! Don't know what it is really, but I just can't stop wearing them. This particular pair is definitely my favorite at the moment! Funny thing, as much as I love boyfriend jeans finding a pair that fits right isn't necessarily easy for me. Most of the time when I try them on, they end up looking kinda odd, either way too loose or not nearly loose enough:) Basically nothing resembling the perfectly slouchy fit I have in mind, which is probably why when I find a pair that fits I have a hard time wearing anything else:)

As far as styling is concerned, I think I prefer to pair slouchy jeans with something a bit more dressed up on top, like the sequin pullover I am wearing in today's post. I attempted to pair them with a casual tee a few times, but I just can't help but add a blazer or structured jacket on top. Oh, and I greatly admire people who can rock slouchy jeans and flats, but for me, a pair of pointy-toe heels is a way to go. What about you guys, how do you wear your boyfriend jeans? 

MINUSEY Shea sequin pullover &  5018  distressed boyfriend jeansIRO Sydrae pumps in coral pink | Chanel Boy flap bag | MINUSEY NO 5 earrings & clear chain bracelet & Wayfarer mirror sunglasses Essie nail polish in Sittin' Pretty 

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& Keep On Smiling,


Aleksandra J said...

I love it! ♥ #polishgirl#loveAnnabelle

My Pink Boudoir said...

Nice look! I love your style and I adore al your accessories!

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Emma H said...

I'm in love with the use of layering with the blouse and the crop sequin top

Belen Baquerizo said...

Love the sequined top. Also, I like how you look dressed a little bit down. looks cool
Xo, Belen

Daniella C said...


Pialunja said...

Those jeans are really the perfect boyfriend jeans!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Natali said...

Beautiful bag and top! You look perfect in this relaxed outfit :)

Mei Fleming said...

You always keep it cool! Cool outfit. And how are your nails always so perfect? Along with all your details? Love it.

moustachic said...



moustachic said...



Nadruki na koszulkach said...

Soo sweet;)

Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Love your heels!!!!

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Tali Kogan said...

I adore the boyfriend distressed denim and also prefer dressing it up with heels. I also really love layering button down shirts with cropped top. Fabulous look! Thank you for the inspiration!
Check out my new post, celebration Shavuoth wearing white in NYC
XO Tali

Melissa Tierney said...

I love this look! That bedazzled collar is so fun and those pumps are so chic!
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TheBohoFlow said...

I love your sequin shirt & the way you paired the whole outfit! Your complexion is so flawless.
With Love,

Beauty by Soraya said...

amazing look, i'm in love <3
xx soraya

Valeria Alvarez said...

Lovely! the sequin pullover is gorgeous!


Sabina B. said...


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Love your outfit.

Sasa Zoe said...

oh babe, love the sequins! So pretty:)

Andrea jueong said...

Love the top and jeans.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

The sequin top is amazing, I love your layering. This outfit is the bomb and your shoes are lovely. I really need to get a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Yoko Nguyen said...

amazing ! .)

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Baker of Luxury said...

I'm such a fan of your heels!

Marta said...

Your top looks really nice!

Allison Weeks said...

Gorgeous top! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Alexandra said...

Very pretty, casual look. Love it!

--Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Su nd Chris said...

What a beautiful look, love the colours!

xx Su

Ángela Bastos said...

Beautiful!! Nice outfit.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Denisa said...

Amazing outfit.

Sakurina Ayaka said...

Love your look! Beautiful :)

cristina surdu said...

i love this bag!!!

Janielle Dunkley said...

Love this outfit xx

Elizabeth Hawn said...

love both tops you are wearing!

Beauty by Soraya said...

the color of the nail polish matches perfectly <3
xx soraya

whenimolder said...

I love that sequinned top! You styled it wonderfully!

-xx Tay

CIRANUS said...

Que imagen tan preciosa en la foto sentada en un banco...

OXANA MUA said...

You look fantastic in this outfit!

♥ Oxana
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Mafalda Matos said...

great look and great photos

SweetMona said...

lovely top!

Bryony FB said...

absolutely adore your blog I've been reading it for so long now. Your outfits are so inspiring, original and your beautiful! xx

Annette said...

Love this sequins look... so beautiful!!

Carmen said...

love the top!!!

Me and the City

Lara Tura said...

Gorgeous top!


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Geraldine said...

Such a cute outfit!!!



Mlle W said...

So cool these ethnic print sequins.

I also love you often feature food on your blog: famous bloggers have a certain kind of influence and eating healthy with the occasional icecream is a good message

shadesofbellz said...

I love this look!! its so easy breezy!! & I always love your bracelets..well done!!

shades of bellz said...

I love this look!! its so easy breezy!! & I always love your bracelets..well done!!

Sophie said...

Beautiful background and top :)

Sophie x

Jeanne said...

Amazing top!!!

Agiju said...

OMG i love your style <3

claudia villanueva said...

Very nice top!!

Elisa Taviti said...

Amazing look!!!

The Astro said...

I love everything about your style :) You look absolutely gorgeous )

heather gilmour said...

You look gorgeous! Love your bracelets and rings.

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Camille said...

Gorgeous outfit

Ana said...

Love that sequinned top. I always pair my boyfriend jeans with heels... However I find the best boyfriend jeans for me are actually my boyfriend's jeans. Makes it real!

Ana x

MscInternational said...

Those earrings are so cute


Cute look!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Great look on you.


fashiondiariesbyk said...

Love the sequins detail!!

Victoria GlamFizz said...

Beautiful accessories and nail polish!

Viktoria said...

perfect! in love with your bag!

Viktoria said...

perfect! in love with your bag!

Laura Lilia said...

Lovley pullover, is so pretty

Sej said...

You can hardly tell your jumper is sequinned. It's amazing! I love the print.

I'm so envious of your wardrobe. That Chanel purse makes my heart ache and don't get me started on these pumps!

Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


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C4L said...

Lovely outfit Annabelle!

Sagheer said...

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Monika Basiaga said...

Love your bag, heels and sunnies :)
Btw, fantastic details on collar.

Situs Gadget Indonesia said...

Beautiful bag and top! You look perfect in this relaxed outfit :)

plastikiniai langai said...

Annabelle your looks very cool :)

Anonymous said...

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